ZALMI Kalonji Balm

ZALMI Kalonji balm is a Perfect and natural Remedy for Pain. ZALMI KALONJI balm is  unique combination of Following Herbs!
📎Kalonji Oil
📎Cinnamon Oil
📎Bay leaf Oil
📎Olives Oil
📎Zamzam Water
📎Clove Oil
📎Cardamom Oil
📎Yellow Turmeric
And many more,


When pain Ends Life Begins

3 thoughts on “ZALMI Kalonji Balm

  1. fazila dadhalwala November 28, 2016 — 5:24 pm

    Please could you tell me the price of kalonji balm Thank you

      1. Buy Zalmi (kalonji balm) online in Pakistan at DARAZ

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