Rafa’ al-Minarah li Takhreej Ahadith al-Tawassul wa al-Ziyarah(رفع المنارة لتخریج احادیث التوسل و الزیارة ) by Mahmud Sa’eed Mamduh (Arabic)

Rafa' al-Minarah li Takhreej Ahadith al-Tawassul wa al-Ziyarah by Mahmud Sa'eed Mamduh



Book Description:

This is only a partial download of the book. It refutes claims by al-Albani and his likes on ahadith regarding the following hadith:

“The people suffered a drought in Umar’s khilafa, whereupon a man came to the grave of the Prophet ﷺ and said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! Ask for rain for your Community, for verily they have but perished.’ After this the Prophet appeared to him in a dream and told him: ‘Go to Umar and give him my greeting, then tell him that they will be watered. Tell him: Be clever!’ The man went and told Umar. The latter wept and said: “My Lord! I spare no effort except in what escapes my power.”

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