Virtues Of Hajj By Shaykhul Hadeeth Muhammad Zakariyya

Virtues Of Hajj By Shaykhul Hadeeth Muhammad Zakariyya




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Author’s Foreword:
In the past I have written a few booklets on Tablighi topics and, completely against expectations the response to these booklets have been so encouraging that I have been so surprised that many friends have found them to be beneficial. In my own humbleness, I never dreamt that so much benefit could have been derived from the words and pen of one who himself is not able to practice all that is preached.
The reason for these benefits to others I can only attribute to the special help of my late uncle Maulana Muhammad Ilyas (May Allah be please with him) who has not only become known in every corner of India but all over the
Islamic world as well, for his Tablighi missionary activities. Because of the loss or inspiration from him due to his death, I discontinued these series for four years, which should not have been done. The late Maulana encouraged me in his last days to compile two further books in the series. Firstly he desired a book on the virtues of business dealings and earning ones livelihood. A concise version of this was quickly produced by me for his perusal during his last days. Unfortunately, as a result of his grave illness, he could not read it. Secondly, he insisted on a book by me on ‘Spending in the Way of Allah.’ For the preparation of this latter booklet Maulana time and again reminded me. I remember once when we were about to join Salaat behind an Imam after Takbeer just before Salaat had started, he said to me: “Do not forget the book.” In spite of that, no chance has yet presented itself for writing of such a book. (This book has now been published under the title of ‘Fazaail-e-Sadaqaat’ in two parts). And whenever anybody reminded me of these works, my own inability and incompetence overcame me which prevented me to commence it. Often, when thinking of my late uncle, I have tried to commence the work, but for some reason or other it just did not materialize.
The missionary work of my late uncle has been ably taken over by his son Maulana Yusuf (R.A), who being filled with the same desire to let Islam shine once more, had visited the Holy Land solely for the purpose of commencing the Tablighi activity in Hejaz from where Islam originally shone forth. His father too, insisted on this, holding the view that when this movement takes root there, among the children of the people who originally spread it, much can be achieved. During his tow campaigns in Hejaz, Maulana Yusuf noticed that a vast numbers of the pilgrims who gather there annually are well nigh completely unacquainted with the virtues and aadaab of Hajj. They seem to be unaware of the vast blessing of this great form of worship with the result that they do not return home with the feelings, the inspiration and enthusiasm for righteousness with which they should have returned. For this reason Maulana Yusuf insisted on me that a booklet with Ahadith and explanation on Hajj should be compiled to be put before the Ummah so that intending Hajees should set forth for Hajj prepared with the proper enthusiasm for those special spiritual inspiration as are required by them. It is hoped that when the proper condition for Hajj is created within the heart of the Hajjee, he shall have the desire to carry out the functions of the Deen more diligently. Further, when more and more such people performing Hajj in proper fashion are present, their intermingling with the Arabs will surely encourage the Arabs to have serious thoughts about Islam and working for Islam.
Maulana Yusuf had for two years been advising me on the need for such a book, but in spite of my promises nothing had materialized. When Allah desires something to be accomplished, He prepares the way for it from His own side. Thus it had been my habit for it from His own side. Thus it has been my habit annually since the demise of Maulana Ilyas (May Allah have mercy on him) to spend the month of Ramadhan from the 29th Shaban to the 2nd Shawal in Nizamuddin, returning (to Saharanpur) on the 2nd Shawal. Having had to remain in Nizamuddin for some necessary work until of the booklet on Hajj and its virtues when on the night of Eid, the time dawned for loved ones to gather at the door of the Beloved (i.e. when the season of Hajj commenced) my longing to be at the Holy House in Mecca also became most intense. This usually happens to me annually from the dawn of Shawal to the month of Zilhijja. At such a time here in Nizamuddin on Wednesday the 3rd of Shawal 1366, I thus commenced this work for Allah’s sake with full reliance on Him.

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