True Message of Jesus by DR.BILAL PHILIPS

true_message_of_jesus by DR.BILAL PHILIPS




Book Description:

The True Message Of Jesus Christ: An explanation of the ârealâ message and relgion which Jesus (peace be upon him) came with, from both the Bible and the Qurâan.


Jesus Christ represents the common link between the two religions having the most followers on the earth todayâ. Christianity and Islam. The following study of Jesusâ message and his person is based on the link. It is hoped that through this study, both Muslims and Christians will better understand the significance of Jesus and the importance of his message.

However, for us to accurately identify the true message of Jesus Christ, an objective point of view must be maintained throughout the course of our research. We should not allow our emoticons to cloud our version and thereby blind us from the truth. We must look at all of the issues rationally and separate the truth from falsehood â with the help of the Almighty.

When we look at the variety of false religions and deviant beliefs around the world and the zeal with which their followers uphold these beliefs, it becomes quite evident that these people are not able to find the truth because of their blind commitment of their beliefs. Their tenacious adherence is usually not based on an intellectual understanding of the teachings, but on powerful cultural and emotional influences. Because they were brought up in a particular family or society, they firmly cling to the beliefs of that society, believing that they are upholding the truth.

The only way that we may find the truth about anything is to approach it systematically and logically. First, we weigh the evidence and then we judge it by the intelligence which God has given us. In the material world, it fundamentally intelligence that distinguishes humans from animals, which act purely on instinct. After determining what the objective truth is, we must then commit ourselves to it emotionally. Yes there is a place for Emotional commitment, but emotionally commitment must come after a reasoned comprehension of the issues. Emotional commitment is essential, because it is evidence of a true understanding. When one fully and properly understands the reality of the issue, one is then mentally and spiritually prepared to vigorously uphold that reality.

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