Haqiqat al-Tariqa Urdu Audio book Reality of Spiritual Path by Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi

Haqiqat al-Tariqa Urdu Audio book  Reality of Spiritual Path by Shaykh Ashraf Ali ThanviUrdu audio book

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URDU AUDIO BOOK of Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi’s beautiful collection and explanations of about 330 selected Hadiths (teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him)) that guide the seekers of truth, the wayfarers on the Path of God, the desirers of spiritual lives, the aspirants of the unveiling of spiritual realities, and the strivers of closeness and intimicy of God. Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi (1863 – 1943 A.D.) was a great Indian Muslim scholar and saint who was an embodiment of both external religious knowledge and practice and of internal spiritual states and excellences that are the real meanings of Islam. Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi was a prolific author who wrote over 800 books on all facets of Islam including jurisprudence, tafsir (explanation of Quran), Hadith (teaching of Prophet Muhammad), beliefs (‘Aqaid), morality (Ikhlaqiyat), social living (Ma’ashirat), Tasawwuf (spirituality), and Suluk (spiritual path) etc. He was a spiritual guide to many in his lifetime and after his death, his books on spirituality and spiritual path still provide guidance to all seekers of truth. He wrote a collection of many short books called “Al-Takashshuf ‘Un Muhimmat al-Tassawwuf” (The Unveiling and Exposition of the Challenges and Hurdles of the Spiritual Path). One of the books included in this great collection of short books is “Haqiqat ut-Tariqa min as-Sunnat il-‘Aniqa” which in short is called “Haqiqat ut-Tariqa” (The Reality of the Spiritual Path from the Refined Way of Prophet Muhammad [Peace be Upon Him]). This book is augmented by another short book (about 30 pages long) in the same collection (“Al-Takashshuf ‘Un Muhimmat al-Tassawwuf”) called “al-Nukat ad-Daqiqa mimma yata’allaqu bil-Haqiqa” (The Subtle Points Related to the Spiritual Realities) which is also a collection of about 20 Hadiths whose explanations provided by Shaykh Thanvi, clarify some complex and subtle issues related to the spiritual struggle. Both books “Haqiqat ut-Tariqa” (The Reality of the Spiritual Path from the Refined Way of Prophet Muhammad [Peace be Upon Him]) and “al-Nukat ad-Daqiqa” (The Subtle Points) together constitute a collection of a total of about 350 Hadiths alongwith their source references and their convincing, insightful, and eye-opening explanations by Shaykh Thanvi provided here in the form of audio book, provide undeniable evidence of the legality and centrality of Tasawwuf/Spirituality/Ihsan/Sufism in traditional Islamic learnings through the teachings of none other than Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him). In other words, this book “Haqiqat ut-Tariqa” (The Reality of the Spiritual Path) provides the hadiths of Tasawwuf alongwith the beautiful, revealing and often glossed over explanations provided by Shaykh Thanvi, not only establish Tasawwuf’s legitimacy and centrality in Islam through the words and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), but also provide a clear path for all seekers of God desiring to reach the station of closeness and intimacy of God through traversing the path of spiritual struggle and disciplining of soul. At the end of the two Hadith collections and their scholarly explanations, a third short book of Shaykh Thanvi is being provided in the form of Urdu audio book called “Ta’eed al-Haqiqa bi al-Ayat al-‘Ateeqa” (The Confirmation of Spiritual Realities Through Pure and Strong Verses of Quran). This book was originally written in Arabic whose Urdu translation was done by Maulana Shah Lutf Rasool and it includes various verses from Quran that provide the undeniable evidence of the legality, necessity, and primacy of the spiritual path through the words of God in His final book to humanity – the Holy Quran.
Soul is the instrument provided by God to every human being to reach where no other human faculty including the mind, intellect, and external senses are capable of reaching. It’s because the soul is not bound by the limitations of time and space dimensions but instead it is timeless and eternal that lives forever even after the end of one’s worldly existence, making it the only instrument provided by God to reach the doorstep of the Divine Reality to behold God with the eye of the soul. The trappings of worldly existence and overpowering effects of the base human desires from the lower self transform the soul into a prisoner in the cage of the human body during the worldly existence. Through traversing the spiritual path under the guidance of a spiritual master that amounts to the journey and upward progression of the soul through various spiritual stations, these trappings of temporal worldly existance are weakened and subsequently obliterated, base desires weakened then mastered thus liberating the soul and enabling it to rise to unimaginable heights into the Divine Presence. “Haqiqat ut-Tariqa” (The Reality of the Spiritual Path) guides us in that way through addressing difficult points related to the spiritual path explained through the words of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The reward of such a spiritual struggle is nothing other than the acquisition of eternal bliss and true success. Acquisition of this eternal bliss that happens through knowing God is the purpose of human existence on earth. This is what immortalizes a human being. It gives him/her a life that has no sorrow, a happiness that never recedes, a fountain of positive energy that never dries, a success that never parts, and a life that never ends.
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